St. Petersburg tower - Capital city
  • Address: Presnenskaya nabereznaya, 12
  • Location: Center (CAO)
  • District: Presnenskii
  • Category: Элитный дом
  • Type: Monolith-brick building
  • Developer: Capital Group
  • Floors: 62
  • Total apartments: 500
  • Ceiling height: 3,5, м
  • Rooms area: 105-440, м2
Property details

As a pioneering project in Moscow, Capital City has forged many new pathways for the city’s real estate and construction industries. Through its integrated design and engineering, the project provides a model for mixed-use development, which remains rare in the city, and further establishes a new identity for Moscow

After more than a decade in the planning, Moscow City, a new mixed-use business district rising 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) west of the Kremlin, is a symbol of Russia’s ascent in the global economic playing field. The Capital City mixed-use development, completed in 2010, is the fourth to be realized among more than 20 projects which comprise Moscow City and, at 302 meters (989 feet) in height, it is currently the tallest building in Europe.

Capital City’s mix of residential, office and retail distinguishes Moscow City from precedents like Canary Wharf in London and La Défense in Paris, which were planned primarily as commercial districts and are only now working to increase their residential components. Set on the Presnenskaya embankment overlooking the Moscow River, Moscow City was envisioned from the outset as a place for business, living and leisure. More than 3 million square meters (32.6 million square feet) of residential, office, hospitality and entertainment uses – including Capital City’s 288,000 square meters (3.1 million square feet) – are planned for the 60-hectare (247-acre) district. Similar to London and Paris, Moscow City is intended to provide a vitalizing expansion of commercial office space while preserving the character of Moscow’s historic center.

The luxury residences that comprise the bulk of Capital City’s program are contained within the 76-story, 302-meter (989-foot) Moscow Tower and the 65-story, 257-meter (843-foot) St. Petersburg Tower. Both are joined through their first 18 floors by a podium building (see Figure 2), creating the larger floor plate desired by commercial office tenants. A “lifestyle marketplace,” a fitness spa with indoor pool, and residential lobbies occupy the first three floors.

Together with the two other completed mixed-use towers – the Naberezhnaya Tower (completed 2007) and Imperia Tower (completed 2010) – Capital City provides a firm anchor for the nascent Moscow City.

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